Available courses

Mass extinction! This is a 6-week course that examines some of the most important extinction events that have impacted on life on Earth. We begin with the late-Precambrian extinction and then go on through extinctions at the end of the Permian, end Triassic, CretaceousTertiary and end with what is happening right now. Naturally we’ll be looking at the cause or causes of each event and the impact they had on the fossil record. Importantly we hope to show you that these events were not all bad - there were positive outcomes too!

Simply Minerals! will run for 6 weeks and will cover all the major aspects of minerals, both those that form rocks and the much rarer ones that provide us with metallic ores and bulk chemicals. 

Simply Minerals! is aimed at beginners primarily, but everyone will get something from it. We’ll be including a basic set of specimens and some written materials for the course. The course will begin on Tuesday, November 7th. and end on Tuesday December 12th. Zoom sessions are timed to start at 14.00 and run for about an hour. Book the date and time!

Over the coming weeks we’re going to be exploring the basics of our planet. We begin at the beginning some 4,650 million years ago and go on to examine what the Earth is made of and how it works; the story of life on the planet and much, much more.